The gang of "Six" pak Grab & Go's 10.4 oz.

The gang of "Six" pak Grab & Go's 10.4 oz.


Our original 6 flavors in a quick grab & go travel box . . .  Out our doors to your door.  Delicious popcorn sealed in a grab & go package that converts into a portable bowl just with a pull of the tab. 

 Wonderous and delicious at the same time.
You are welcome World 

Movie time popcorn 1.4 oz. - With one-third less salt than regular movie theatre popcorn. Indulge your craving for a classic American snack . . . Ancient grain small ball popcorn with real popcorn corn flavor and a dash of seasoned salt, a classic comfort food. 

Toffee popcorn 2.0 oz.  - NOT CARAMEL CORN . . .  More buttery flavor with less sticky molasses fingers. 

White cheddar popcorn 1.8 oz. - Made with real white cheddar cheese poured over fresh-popped popcorn . . .  UMMMM.

Unicorn Feed popcorn 2.0 oz. - Six flavors Toffee, blue raspberry, pina colada, green watermelon, red cherry, and orange all bursting with flavor wrapped up in a portable package.

Garlic & parmesan popcorn 1.5 oz. - Garlic & herbs with parmesan rolled over/under/around and thru small ball popcorn. The cure for vampire breath.

Garlic & parmesan and white cheddar 1.5 oz. -Two popular tastes in one itty bitty bag. Garlic parmesan and creamy white cheddar popcorn in a grab and go . . .  Ah . . . mixed to perfection. . . 


Nutritional labels available upon request.
Aunt GG & Uncle BOB say So . . .