NON-GMO or GMO or is it wild grass?

      There are many popcorn products out in the world and one of the favorite things to put on packaging is NON-GMO. Here at Happy Valley Popcorn, we do not put this confusing label on any of our products. No one has too, according to

Myth #1

Popcorn is GMO.

      Fact: There has never been, nor is there currently, any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) popcorn or popcorn seed for sale in the U.S. Further, the Popcorn Board is not aware of any GMO popcorn or popcorn seed available for sale in international markets."


      Popcorn kernels are a wild grass seed and a cereal grain. Its genetic makeup is too basic to be modified by slicing. in other words, too much work and too risky for it to "possibly maybe" work. Taking pollen from one plant to another is how they create hybrid popcorn strains and the different popcorn kernels you see today online and in stores. NOT a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). 


      It's just a marketing tool to make people think non-GMO popcorn is part of the non-GMO band wagon, we do not like band wagons just popcorn wagons.



Aunt GG & Uncle BOB and the popcorn board (

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