Gourmet Ancient Grain popcorn kernels pack   14 oz.

Gourmet Ancient Grain popcorn kernels pack 14 oz.

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Still, the same great taste and texture going on 170 years . . . .

Yup . . .  Must be our ancient grain popcorn kernels. Now available to the general public - 8 oz. of our ancient grain popcorn kernels to take home and pop yourself. 

1 - 8 oz. bag of ancient grain popcorn kernels with two 1.5 oz. bags of the finest butter infused olive oil.

Use one 1.5 oz. bag for 4 oz. of popcorn kernels or both for the whole bag of kernels.

one - 8 oz. bag of popcorn kernels equals 2 gallons of popped popcorn. 

Popcorn popping instructions are included for first-timers. 

Plus 25 popcorn carnival bags to put that warm and delicious popcorn in to share with friends and family. 

Nutritional facts are available upon request.

Aunt GG & Uncle BOB say So. . .