H.V.P. Fundraising program Why do we need another fundraiser in the universe! đŸ™„đŸ˜¶

       When we started to research different fundraising sites, not just popular popcorn sites, but many different ones, we found out a lot about the fundraising world. Too much information at times and then too little at times. đŸ˜¶

      Some sites gave the fundraising events great order forms with color and or too many items listed for the customer to buy. Creating a little confusion, while others had the right mix to entice the customer to buy. A lot of programs were easy on the eyes and nice colorful products but still there were questions that could only be answered when contacting the fundraising sites. While nice and simple the darker side of the fundraiser was how much it cost for those forms and the services and what amount of the sales was going to the fundraising event that needed the help.

Most sites split the money 40/60 give or take (widely fluxing up and down folks in favor of the producer with the fundraiser getting as little as 30%) and some charged a small fee for the services.


Money that is needed for a good cause.

So here at H.V.P. we decided to create a simple fundraising site.

 We here at Happy Valley Popcorn Company give everyone a 10% discount on every product in the fundraising program as thank you for helping out.

The fundraising event gets over 58% of the total discounted purchase price. 

You get a fundraising code to use that tells us where the money goes.  We also offer a paper version of the discounted products with all the info including a hyperlink that has the discount code (that way it's all set with the discount in the checkout for the customer to just enjoy the wonderful popcorn choices. ) Included if someone wants to use the website, so no one feels lost . . .

That's it; No hidden fees just a fundraiser to do good.

 Aunt GG & Uncle BOB & The whole family here at Happy Valley popcorn say So. . . 

For more information and to set up a chat go to: www.hvpfundraising.com